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Somebody once said that handwriting is having “a glimpse into one’s soul”. Unfortunately, this lovely practice has almost become extinct with the advent of computers and emails. If you are one of those people who would love to see handwritten notes and journals come back, please join the club. We, at GemFound, have been trying to get more people to go back to handwriting by featuring products like notebooks and stationary which endorse this wonderful tradition. On that note, here is one of our latest finds – the Rite in the Rain Notebooks. These notebooks are far from ordinary and they come with a very useful feature…

Rite in the Rain Memo Books

Rite in the Rain has notebooks, journals, notepads and workbooks for everyone’s taste. There are spiral ones, journal memo notebooks, vital stats notebooks, reporters notebooks, universal notebooks, job hazard analysis notebooks, incident command system workbooks, and even fishing journals. Take your pick! These notebooks and notepads have the side or top wire-o-bound spiral and Polydura (polyethylene) cover that is designed specifically for writing in all weather conditions – from heavy showers to high humidity to extremely hot days.

Rite in the Rain Memo Books

Actually, all of the Rite in the Rain Notebooks are suitable for outdoor use. If you are a student, you can use them to jot down the results of your field work. If you are a fisherman or a sailor, these notebooks are great for fishing, boat or dive logs. If you are an avid hiker and want to keep track of the miles and terrains covered or you just want to keep years of journaling safe from moisture, Rite in the Rain has a notebook for you. For best results, use an all-weather pen or pencil.

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