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Reprise sunglasses look pretty common. Somewhat old-fashioned, they have the round frame with a slight edge. But the catch is in the material, not the style. That material is skilfully crafted by the people of Electric Visual, a leading manufacturer of sunglasses, goggles, and accessories in the action sports industry.
They offer three types of frames, based on the material to make it.

First one is grilamid frame. Grilamid is a plastic with high-tensile strength and it retains its shape under all temperatures. It is resistant to impact, flexible, light weight, and durable. This is the material Electric uses in all of its mold injected eyewear. Second one is the acetate frame. It is made of Cellulose acetate, a hypo-allergenic, nylon based plastic, with offers more transparency and gloss than any other plastic. It produces pleasing eyewear and is pliable when heated. The third is the wire frame. It is made of high quality surgical grade stainless steel. It is hypo-allergenic, lightweight, non corrosive, and durable.

Reprise Sunglasses Electric

They also offer three types of lenses. Melanin polycarbonate lens is one, and Electric uses exclusively uses Bayer brand Makrolon raw polycarbonate material. This material is lightweight, has a great visual clarity and definition, provides 100% UV and 98% Blue light protection, and additionally boasts superior impact resistance. Electric’s own invention is the Melanin CR39 lens. These lenses combine optical clarity of glass with the durability of a thermoset material. They are also lightweight, stand up to scratches and are part of all of Electric’s acetate frames and select wire frames. The third one is hand polished mineral glass. They share the physical attributes when it comes to weight, durability, and vision quality of the second one. They are 2mm thick and have been treated for increased impact resistant.

Reprise Sunglasses Electric

One of the things that is also special about the lenses is the polarization. When polarized they provide the benefit of filtering out reflected light and glare off cars, water, pavement, sand and snow. Electric’s polarized lens achieves 99% efficiency in blocking polarized light waves and blocks 100% of the suns damaging UV rays, without sacrificing optical clarity. There 3 levels of polarization. First, polycarbonate polarized which comes with synthetic melanin, and provides glare reduction, ‘relaxed eye feeling’, true color perception, and scratch resistance. Second is visual evolution polarized, combining world class Level I lens, with the addition of flash mirror, anti-reflection, hydrophobic and oleophobic performance coatings. And finally, level 3, mineral glass polarized their benchmark of quality.

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