Raw Wool Handwoven Blanket | By Texturable Décor

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There’s nothing that can keep you as warm and cozy as natural wool during the cold winter days. The Raw Wool Handwoven Blanket by Texturable Décor’s a perfect winter blanket to curl up with on the sofa. It’ll keep you warm and cozy and you’ll never want to trade this soft blanket for any other blanket ever again. This classic throw blanket’s made from 100% organic striped undyed natural gray and ecru wool.

What makes this blanket really unique is that each one’s handmade in a wood hand loom. It’s a perfect gift to get for yourself or for your special someone. Whether you want to curl up on a bed or sofa, outside on the front porch, when you’re reading a book or watching a movie, or even when you’re traveling, the Raw Wool Handwoven Blanket won’t let you down. This is a very stylish piece that will keep you comfortable and cozy.

Raw Wool Handwoven Blanket by Texturable Décor, on a wood table, folded, with stripes.

The blanket’s handmade and the material used is 100% organic undyed wool.

The dimensions are 35.4’’ in width and 73″ in length, and the materials and the processes used are very eco-friendly. The blanket can also be custom made according to your needs in different dimensions, and you can also find more color choices. As for maintenance, the easiest way is to dry clean the blanket, but you can also hand wash it in neutral soap. Dry flat and don’t use a dryer.

Raw Wool Handwoven Blanket by Texturable Décor,hanging on a wire with grey background, and hanging on a ladder in front of a barn.

This natural handmade blanket will help you stay warm and cozy during the cold winter days.

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