Ravean Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

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There are so many challenges to camping that we love – sleeping on the ground, campfire cooking, going days without a shower, hiking and hiking and hiking. But if there’s one thing we don’t like, it’s being cold. Anyone who’s caught a chill while being outdoors knows how nearly impossible it can be to shake it. With the Ravean Heated Sleeping Bag Liner, you’ll never wake in the middle of the night with icicles for feet again.

ravean heated sleeping bag liner

From the makers of the world’s first heated down jacket with 6X mobile charging, the new Heated Sleeping Bag Liner is revolutionizing camping. Designed to be phone-charging, water resistant, wearable, packable, and washable, this is the ultimate sleeping bag liner. Featuring a heated core and feet elements that can increase your interior sleeping bag temperature by as much as 20 degrees, the liner will last up to 12 hours on a single charge, and has three different temperature settings.  

ravean heated sleeping bag liner

The Wearable Liner

Ravean’s Heated Sleeping Bag Liner comes in two styles: the Standard Liner and the Wearable Liner. As the names might suggest, the Standard Liner is your typically sleeping bag liner, except heated. The Wearable Liner is really simple to the Poler Napsack, except it has sleeves and features a heated hood and heated feet elements. Both liners are very packable – they stow away into a 9.5″ by 5.5″ stuff sack.

There are still a few Ravean Heated Liners available at a super early-bird price of $179 – get yours here!

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