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Everyone likes a good scented candle, but sometimes you want something that looks (and smells) unique. If you’re looking for candles with a quirky, cute, decorative element to them, check out this range of R. Nichols scented candles. Inspired by R. Nichols’ stationery line, the candles are hand-poured in California from a soy and paraffin wax blend. He also uses 12% (of the highest quality) fragrance oil content, which means the scent is going to be big and bold and will definitely set the mood across the entire room.

The candles come in glass jars with stunning “fired-on” decals which means the flame glows through the illustrations (which are all really cute and quirky!). One of our favorites includes the Read Candle that’s scented of aged paper, ink and leather and is covered in books.

r nichols candles the read candle


We also really like the Spirit Candle, which features cute little cacti and is scented with high desert pinon and cleansing sage.

r nichols spirit candle


R. Nichols also does sets of three smaller votive candles, with our favorite being the Jetsetter Votive Trio which features the London, Paris and New York candles. London smells like English breakfast tea, lemon peel and honey, Paris is a romantic fragrance of floral gardens and manicured trees, and New York smells like “a walk down Fifth Avenue: cologne from glamorous department stores, green ivy on churches, sweet rain-kissed pavement and a hint of tobacco.”  These are incredibly unique sounding and we love that they’re inspired by some of the greatest cities in the world.

r nichols jetsetter votive trio candles new york london paris

R. Nichols candles burn for a minimum of 60 hours, which is great considering the price. You can find them on Amazon for as little as $35.99. They’re sold on the R. Nichols website for $38.

P.S. the illustration style might seem familiar – R. Nichols has designed some pretty neat things including Target gift cards and the cover of French Women Don’t Get Fat!

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