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Christmas is near and everybody’s excited about decorating the house and the Christmas tree, as well as exchanging gifts. Well, there’s a beautiful Christmas tradition that says whoever finds the hidden pickle ornament in the Christmas tree gets wins something special! Get a Christmas Pickle ornament for your tree and bring even more joy to the holiday season!

The Christmas Pickle is an established (yet not widely known) tradition that’s believed to have originated in Germany. As the tradition goes, when decorating a Christmas tree, you should hide a pickle-shaped ornament on it and the first person to find it on Christmas morning receives a special surprise. In contrast to modern society, this is a nice old tradition to maintain and everyone who participates will back the decision, whether you participate with your family or your roommates!

Pickle Christmas ornament in a Christmas tree

A pickle ornament is hidden in a Christmas tree, and the first to find it wins a surprise.

Check out some of these great ornaments:

  1. Glass Christmas Pickle Ornament

    A glass Christmas pickle ornament

    This handmade Christmas ornament will bring back the old traditions and a joyful atmosphere to your home.

    This is a handmade, unique item created by Bandhu Scott Dunham, an independent glass artist and the owner of Salusa Glassworks, Inc. The pickles are made from blown glass and lampworked by skilled experts. The dimensions are 5.25″ in length and 1.5″ in width, they’re see-through, and the color is green, of course. Whatever kind of pickles you prefer, this ornament will make Christmas morning even more exciting and enjoyable for everyone. Get your Christmas pickle ornament, hide it in your tree and watch everyone gather around the tree full of excitement and anticipation.

          BUY | $22

2. The Pickle Ornament

Two blown glass pickle Christmas ornaments on a white background.

Hide one of these between the branches of your Christmas tree, and whoever finds it first should receive an award.

This Pickle Ornament is brought to you by Old World Christmas with a desire to revive old customs and bring the true spirit of Christmas into every household. Each ornament is created using the same old techniques that were being used in the beginning of the 19th century. Molten glass is blown into fine molds, filled with liquid silver solution and hand-painted, and this process always results in high quality, unique, exquisite ornaments for your tree. This ornament makes an excellent gift bringing back old traditions and Christmas cheer.

BUY | $9

3. The Emerald Green Pickle Ornament

An Emerald Green pickle ornament with a silver hook on a black background.

This elegant, durable Christmas ornament can stay in your family for generations.

This is another great Christmas decoration with a silver plated swirl hook. This item is also made from hand-blown glass and every item represents a unique conversation piece. This Full Blown Glass piece can stay in your family for generations if you care for it properly, because the ornament is made from quality glass and has a thick wall to prevent breakage.

BUY | $55

So, pick out your Christmas Pickle and start a new holiday tradition that’s quirky, totally different, and a lot of fun for everyone involved.

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