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Two Brushes Designs specializes in typography prints, motivational posters, inspirational quotes and home decor. Particularly interesting are the handmade wall posters. These posters are usually made with watercolor, and are delivered in a very unusual way. When you buy them, you receive instant digital download of the high resolution images, which you then print, frame and put on your wall. No stress about shipping. The download includes 2 JPG files and one PDF file of your print.

One poster by TwoBrsuhDesigns

Print it, frame it, and put it on the wall, no need for shipping.

And there are plenty of different prints to download. For instance, artistic images like a combo of flowers, feathers and arrows. Or pineapples floating around, for the culinary types. Or three feathers of different birds aligned vertically. Maybe you are a person who likes motivational/inspirational/beautiful quotes on your wall? If so, there’s something for you as well. For example, “Not all who wander are lost“, written on a green-blue watercolor round shape. Or the good ole Henry David Thoreau’s “All good things are wild and free“, on a scenic, natural background.

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