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If you love traveling and are tired of carrying a pile of stuff with you on your trips, we’ve got good news for you! The young enthusiasts at Anywhere Apparel have designed Premium Travel Jackets because they believe that ‘’the lighter you travel, the more you discover.’’ These jackets are designed to be reversible and convertible so you can travel light wherever you go. The female variant comes in the form of a reversible coat while men are treated with a convertible jacket.

The Premium Travel Jackets are made from durable materials and have a special waterproof pocket for your passport, and underarm grommets for venting. Another great thing’s that you can take the jacket off when you no longer need it and simply fold to carry it as a bag. This classic and durable outwear will surely make your jaw drop when you learn about all the additional features.

A woman wearing the female reversible coat, black chic side. A man hiking in the woods wearing men's convertible jacket.

The women’s coat’s reversible with a fatigue and chic side while men’s jacket can be converted into a bag.

Both the Women’s Coat and the Men’s Jacket are very versatile and allow you to enjoy any environment in a single Premium Travel Jacket. This outwear can provide you flawless looks day and night, in all settings, rural and urban, and all occasions, from formal to informal. You’ll always feel comfortable and look right for the occasion. This coat’s reversible so it’s actually a two-in-one, so you can easily switch styles and convert from a rugged fatigue look to a chic black city look. The jacket’s made of high-quality wool that’s also used to make police uniforms.

A woman in front of a door wearing the reversible coat, chic black side, and the olive fatigue side, in a natural outdoor setting.

The women’s coat’s a two-in-one and it allows you to look and feel great in every setting.

What’s even better, this Premium Travel Jacket has water-resistant hidden pockets for your tablet and other valuables. The multiple pockets are well-distributed and fleece-lined to warm up your hands. The coat’s also made of premium technical fabrics that can keep you warm in temperatures ranging from 35 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This great outwear’s no loser when it comes to style, either. It’s designed in a way that flatters the figure and can blend with multiple cultures, all thanks to the tailored fit.

A man wearing the convertible jacket squatting in the woods. The convertible jacket's features mapped out, a sketch on a white background.

The men’s jacket’s made from Premium wool used for police uniforms to ensure durability.

Additional features include:

  • a detachable/retractable hood with an integrated cushion
  • waistband draw cord on fatigue side
  • a tied belt on the formal side
  • gunmetal snaps
  • durable hook
  • roll-up cuffs

Pre-order from Kick starter here.

The features of the female reversible coat, mapped out, on a white background.

Both women’s coat and men’s jacket come with hidden waterproof pockets for the passport and other valuables.

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