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Yes, summer means you will wear less clothes, but it doesn’t mean that you will need less stuff. In fact, you are likely to need more and some things might be more beneficial than others. Especially if there is a pool or a beach around. We made a list of things we consider essential. These 5 things are surely going to help you make the most of your summer season.

1- Coolest Cooler

Coolest Cooler

How cool is the Coolest Cooler? So cool that it reminds you of a large Swiss army knife. A multi tool just short of being capable to walk itself to the beach. Don’t believe me? Check out all the things it includes. Firstly, a high performance blender, with sturdy plastic pitcher and stainless steel blades. Secondly, an outdoor bluetooth speaker with party pairing which lets you stream music from your bluetooth phone or device. Make a playlist and let it rip. Then there’s a waterproof USB charger. The lid has a LED light (try to say that quickly), in case you wanna rummage through it at night. It has a split lid design that allows you to keep your food/drink/ice separate, with a removable divider which you can use as a cutting board. As for the instruments, there are 4 reusable plastic plates, ceramic knife and a wine opener. The regular bottle opener is built in with a magnetic cap catcher. Then a tie down bungee cord. Accessory deck for your important stuff. And it has wheels in case you get tired of carrying it.

2 – Freeze Cooling Wine Glass by HOST

Freeze cooling glasses

Since it gets hot in summer, your wine is bound to lose it’s cool as well. Well, that was until the guys from HOST made a freeze cooling wine glass. Whilst looking like a regular glass, it has a double wall design with a cooling gel. The glass is made from BPA-free plastic and is shatterproof. It is also lined with an insulated silicone grip band in order to keep your hand warm while the drink stays cold. The way it works is simple: you put the glass for 2 hours in the refrigerator (for red wine and darker beers) or freezer (for white, rosé or sparkling wine and lighter beers or ciders) to cool drinks down or keep pre-chilled beverages cold for a couple of hours. The cooling gel is the main ingredient to keep your drink cold. So whether you are drinking red, white or rosé wine, malty ale or crisp lager it will remain cold for an extended period of time.

3 – iPhone Super Suit

iPhone Super Suit in water

No, it does not have big “S” written on it, but it may as well have. This trim case protects your iPhone from many things, and there is no Kryptonite for it. The case is sealed for waterproof protection, so you will finally be able to do your underwater selfie, or take an artistic photo of a sea urchin. Since your hands will be wet, it’s possible that the phone might slip away and fall on the ground. Don’t worry, the case will cushion any fall up to six feet. The buttons and touchscreen can be accessed easily, and when you need to plug in your charging cable or headphones you won’t have to remove the case. So when you go to some sandy beach, you won’t bring sand along with your iPhone. Since you can use your phone’s camera and attach Photojojo Lenses, you can be sure it’s not a bulky case. This summer beach pictures could be even more interesting.

4 – G40 Globe String Light

G40 Globe String Light

You saw the movies with landscapes in Tuscany (Italy) or with California’s own Napa Valley? Nice places, with specific, relaxing, timeless style. They were the inspiration of many wine drinkers and tourists. Well I don’t know in which group (maybe both?) should we place guys and girls from Deneve, but they made something with their inspiration. A G40 Globe String Lights, to be precise. They add very elegant, unobtrusive lighting and are great for weddings, birthday parties, and relaxed gatherings. Cozy, charming and festive at the same time, the night seems a bit more magical with them. You can suspend them under patios, tents, awnings, umbrellas or perhaps on bushes and trees. Indoors or outdoors, it’s your choice. There are 25 bulbs per string, 25W per bulb, the string is 25 feet long and the bulb type is, in case you already forgot, G40.

5 – Smartphone Projector

Smartphone Projector

We’ve all been there: somebody is showing some great clip over her phone, and we all have to take turns to look at it, or crowd around a small screen and squint . Thankfully, Luckies design team invented a Smartphone Projector to deal with this. It’s a cardboard projector with 8 x magnification lens, that projects the content of your smartphone, whatever it is, on a smooth surface. You put a smartphone in a slot and play the content. If your battery is about to fail, there is a little hole on the side for your charging cable. But don’t spend all your time watching projections, because of possible overheating.  Smartphone Projector is light, compact and portable.  Watch YouTube in bed, project your holiday photos, or some fail videos with your friends.  All you need is popcorn.

Now that you have the lighting, the projector for your movies, cool drinks and protection for your iPhone in case you jump in the pool while dressed, I suggest you make the best of whatever party you are going to or you might be making at home.

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