Pommed Baseball Cap | Eugenia Kim

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Hats are probably the best winter accessory. They do a fantastic job keeping you warm and can take your outfit to the next level. Hats can also be used for covering up a bad hair day. (This last reason was actually why Eugenia Kim first started creating hats!)

After a bad haircut, she went to the extreme and shaved her head. While waiting for the hair to grow back again, Eugenia Kim worked on making an entire collection of hats. And it ended up being very successful. Now, she’s best known for innovative designs, bold colors and high-quality materials, and the Pommed Baseball Cap is the perfect example.

Made to resemble the classic baseball cap, it’s a perfect stylish fashion accessory for the winter. This cute cap is made from wool, so it’s very soft, and can fit any head size. The fur pom pom gives it a little twist, and the navy color can be combined with a wide range of colors. Pick up this cap and we can almost guarantee someone will take you for an off-duty model or maybe that fashion blogger.

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