Poler Two-[Wo]Man Tent

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Nothing’s better than when function and design collide, especially when it comes to camping gear, which has a reputation for being less than beautiful. The Two [Wo]man Tent from Poler is all kinds of beautiful, though. Available in five different colors and designs, there’s an option for everyone, and it’s the perfect size for two (or even three, if you’re feeling adventurous).

poler two man tent

The Two [Wo]Man Tent measures 60″ x 85″ x 40″ tall all set up, and is big enough for two or three people, depending on how cozy you want to get. The design features two doors and two vestibules (great for tucking your shoes and gear away so they stay covered), taped and sealed seams, and just a single pole which makes it super easy to set up. It’s also got a 3000mm waterproof coating, and weighs just 7.5 lbs and measures 7″ x 18″, when it’s packed, stakes included.

poler two man tent

Check out this “Instructional Video” while you’re at it … so good!

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