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We’ll take a wild guess here and say that there are probably very few women that don’t like or use candles. Candles are great for many reasons – they enhance your sense of smell, relax you, lift your mood, make a lovely addition to a romantic dinner, you can use them to set a mood, they make great decoration pieces and, according to certain cultures,  burning a candle while you are ill will help “burn” the illness out. The candles that we’re talking about today are the epitome of luxury. They’re made by the company called Antica Farmacista and they are available in 15 beautiful fragrances.

Platinum Round Candles by Antica Farmacista

These are Platinum Round Candles and they get their name from a clear glass with a platinum leaf pattern in which they are packaged. They provide over 60 hours of scented light and they are truly premium candles. Platinum Round Candles burn very even and the scent they emit is not aggressive or overpowering but rather sweet and pleasant.

As we said, there are fifteen different fragrances to choose from – Aqua; Ala Moana; Bergamot & Ocean Aria; Coriander, Lotus & Cucumber; Grapefruit; Pomegranate, Currant & Blood Orange; Lavender & Lime Blossom, Manhattan; Lemon, Verbena & Cedar; Prosecco; Orange Blossom, Lilac & Jasmine; Sandalwood Amber; Santorini; Vanilla, and Bourbon & Mandarin.

Antica Farmacista was founded by two friends from Seattle in 2003 and, today, the company is known for its unique, luxurious fragrance blends and elegant design aesthetic.

Get them from Amazon here.

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