Pendleton Trail Log | Authentic National Parks Edition

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This Pendleton Trail Log is for all those dorky little hikers out there who like to keep track of the trails they hike. Don’t worry – we’re those dorky little hikers, too! This journal¬†is a special one, as it honors the 100 year anniversary of both America’s National Park Service and Pendleton’s iconic park blankets.

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The journal features a ‘trail log’ section for recording info from all your hikes, an index of US National Parks, hiking references, and a notes section. Scattered throughout the journal are pages featuring Pendleton’s well-known and easily-recognized blanket patterns as well as vintage imagery from the Pendleton archive.

pendleton trail log journal hiking

Keep track of your starting point (trail head), how far to reach noticeable landmarks on the trail, notes about flora and fauna, trail conditions and anything else that will help you to remember your journey.

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