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Garlands are a part of cultural manifestations all over the world. From Christmas trees to Jain temples in India, their presence is welcome. So Pipsqueak and Bean are using this demand to create artistic, handmade, paper garlands. Thread, string and cardstock paper is, most of the time, all they use as material. Garlands come in different shapes and can decorate various places, from your patio to your bedroom.

We’re a fan of the Triangle garland which, as its name implies, is made of 75 triangles of different colors. It can liven up a room or be a good wrap-around for presents. Mathematicians will love it.

Triangle garland

Triangular decoration

Also fun is the Party garland, which features a bunch of strands of different shapes including triangles, hexagons, circles and rectangles. Makes sense – at festivities there are bound to be all kinds of people! Apart from parties you can use it dress up your table, door, or perhaps wall.

Party garland

Diverse party, huh?

The last one we will show you is the Gold Star garland garland. It has 5 strands of different shapes, which are: hexagon, heart, star, circle, and rectangle. We’ll take a wild guess and say that this one is perfect for celebrating a girl’s night out.

Bachelorette garland

Suitable for sweet sixteen party

There are many more garlands from Pipsqueak and Bean, and they all ship worldwide from USA.

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