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If you’re searching for the Holy Grail in the world of facial masks, look for one that preferably contains honey, clay, yogurt and oats. All of these ingredients are considered the absolute must if you want to achieve that radiant, healthy glow to your skin. Honey is soothing and has antibacterial and healing properties, clay is detoxifying and nourishing, yogurt is revitalizing, hydrating and especially recommended for dry skin, while oats are excellent in eliminating acne and blackheads. We have found the mask that contains all four – the Pajama Paste Yogurt Mask by FarmHouse.

Pajama Paste Yogyrt Mask by Farmhouse

This facial mask is 99.6% natural (contains no parabens or sulfates), is effective and won’t break the bank. It also does wonders for enlarged pores by cleansing and shrinking them in matter of minutes. It will tighten your skin (yogurt is a great natural skin tightener), lighten blemishes and reduce redness. The cooling properties of bentonite clay will soothe sensitive skin while wild honey will provide the skin with the needed vitamin and minerals. And the mask smells great.

Pajama Paste Yogyrt Mask by Farmhouse

Pajama Paste Yogurt Mask is recommended for all skin types except very sensitive skin because it tingles and heats up when applied. How should you use it? Just apply a very thin layer to your skin and leave it for a few minutes to dry. Rinse with tepid water. For even better results, you might want to gently exfoliate the skin before applying the mask. Pajama Paste Yogurt Mask comes in a recyclable 3.25 oz glass jar.

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