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For years Huck Magazine has covered the independent publishing scene and sought freethinkers. Now, after more than 50 issues, this London-based magazine has published its first book. Paddle Against The Flow is a book with inspirational quotes from people the magazine collaborated with throughout the years.

This book is a bit like a how-to guide with lessons and wisdom for anyone seeking creative inspiration. This collection of quotes comes from many artists, designers, writers, surfers…basically people who dreamed of different things and wanted to make something for themselves. Some of them are true rebels who challenge the world as it is, and go to great lengths to express themselves and choose a path of freedom. 

Paddle Against The Flow First Page

Paddle Against The Flow is a book of lessons on how to lead a creative life.

Every quote has a photograph or a drawing of the person who said it. These quotes will give you an insight of things you maybe never thought of. There’s not a single formula for success, but there’s a lot of great advise to follow that really can make a difference in how we think.

This quote from a filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is an example of what kind of inspirational quotes you’ll find in this book: “If you want to make films, don’t say you want to make films. Just say you’re a filmmaker. People are very true to their identity. If your identity is someone who someday would like to make a film you’re going to remain someone who someday would like to make a film. If your identity is being a filmmaker, you’re going to do what filmmakers do, which is make stuff … “

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Miranda July Quote From Paddle Against The Flow

Paddle Against The Flow features quotes from over 60 inspiring people.

Beck quote from Paddle Against The Flow

It’s full of truths, creative wisdom, and life lessons from those who paddle against the flow.

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