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When a beauty alchemist Suzanne LeRoux decided to break into the world of skincare, she drew on her knowledge she gained as a student of holistic nutrition, herbs and aromatherapy to create products that will be made only from the freshest and the finest of ingredients. And One Love Organics was born.

The One Love Organics products give the skin exactly what it requires to be healthy, supple and soft. The beauty of these products is that there are all age appropriate – whatever your age might be. They are suited for babies and grandmothers alike. Every product from the One Love Organics skincare range is waterless (with the exception of their cleansers) and contain ingredients that have been carefully sourced and selected; the ingredients like Chia Oil which is one of nature’s richest source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, anti oxidants and phyto-nutrients. Chia Oil dramatically increases the skin’s hydration and is perfect for the driest complexion. Then there are fresh Bulgarian roses and D’Orientine S. The latter one is a date palm kernel extract with incredible anti-wrinkle properties.

All One Love Organics products are handmade in small series on St. Simons Island, off the coast of Georgia. The four products that we particularly liked were the following:

  1. Active Moisture Time Release Vitamin D Moisture Mist – perfect for hydrating and refreshing the skin. Spray it on a dry face and let its ingredients (Aloe Vera, Safflower, Alpine Rose, Rice Extract, Shiitake Mushroom Extract) do their magic.Active Moisture Time Release Vitamin D Moisture Mist
  2. Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil and Makeup remover – Oh, we just love skincare multi-taskers! This two-in-one product removes makeup and impurities from the face while restoring the skin’s moisture and pH balance. It contains ingredients like Pumpkin Oil (packed with vitamins), antioxidants and fatty acids which keep the skin glowing.Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil and Makeup remover
  3. Vitamin C Body Oil – This botanical oil firms, brightens, and protects the skin thanks to Shea butter, olive and papaya oils, green tea extracts and Vitamin E which is one of the best neutralizers of free radicals.
    Vitamin C Body Oil
  4. Active Moisture Vitamin E Eye Balm – Tiredness, puffiness, swelling… These are typical problems with the skin around the eyes that the majority of women have experienced. The One Love Organics Eye Balm will banish them all. The balm contains an eyebright extract, fennel oil and licorice root which brighten dark circles, and nourish and replenish moisture in the delicate eye area.

    Check out the whole range of products on Amazon here.

    Active Moisture Vitamin E Eye Balm

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