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Different people have different sentiments about veganism (some cannot stand it and some think it is worth giving it a shot). However, the fact remains that consuming only plants has been credited with many good things. Loss of weight, higher energy levels, lower body mass index, better sleep, improved mood, alleviation of PMS symptoms, fewer allergies, lower blood pressure and definitely healthier hair, nails and skin. If you have been contemplating switching over to a plant-based diet, arming yourself with a proper cookbook will immensely help with your transition. Our suggestion for today is Angela Liddon’s “Oh, She Glows.

"Oh She Glows” Vegan Cookbook

Angela is a self-trained chef and food photographer who has been compiling vegan recipes for years now. She has a world-wide base of followers and her book has been eagerly anticipated. So much so that “Oh, She Glows” has been on the Amazon’s Bestseller List for weeks. Most of the recipes contained in the book are gluten free and they cover a wide variety of dishes – from those classic ones that even carnivores will like, to unusual, inventive meals. They do have one common denominator – they are delicious, versatile and colorful.

"Oh She Glows” Vegan Cookbook

Think about Chilled Chocolate Espresso Torte with Hazelnut Crust or Avocado Pasta (which takes only 15 minutes to make) or succulent Tex Mex Casserole or Creamy Vegetable Curry. Angela also photographed each of the dishes herself and the book is really wonderfully illustrated. Another interesting fact about Angela, and this was one of the reasons why she actually resolved to go vegan, is that she had had an eating disorder for nearly a decade. When she finally decided that enough was enough, her transition to a healthier diet began. And this book is really a testament to a healthy woman who is now eating and feeling right. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that her website (also called ‘Oh, She Glows’) attracts millions of visitors each month and has quickly become the most popular vegan recipe site on the Internet.

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