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Tea infuser is a device in which you place dried tea leaves, and then you place the infuser in your mug or teapot full of hot water. The tea leaves brew or steep in a teapot or mug, and voilà, you have your tea. It’s a precursor to the more popular and available tea bag. It first gained popularity in 19th century Britain, but gave way to it’s aforementioned American cousin (tea bag). Fred and Friends made some quite artistic versions of a tea infuser.


It could be said that most of these cater to a lifestyle or mood people are in when they drink their tea. And they have wonderfully pun-like names. If you’re a marine biologist, I imagine you would love their Brew Whale, which is a blue sperm whale with a water spout you can use to lower it in the water (and yell “There she blows!“). Octeapus is interesting as well. But Manatea takes the cake, as she rests with her flippers on the edge of your mug.

Deep tea diver

For sailors and divers we have Teatanic and Deep Tea Diver. The first one gets half sunk (like the real one) and floats in your mug (unlike the real one). I see a bit of Schadenfreude in that one really, drinking your tea with the image of a disaster, but different strokes for different folks. Deep Tea Diver, with it’s air tank, is reminiscent of old diving suits and the film Men of Honor.

Tea Bones Skull

Now let’s go back to solid ground. Lemon Wedge is basically a lemon imitation, nothing fancy there. Sweet Tea Lollipop is a bit better since you rarely associate Lollipops with tea. Then there’s Mister Tea (obvious reference to the 80’s action star), and he pities the fool who doesn’t use him as an infuser! But he is a lot mellower than the former action star, in fact he likes lounging in your tea, perched on the edges of your cup. For those with a penchant for macabre there is Tea Bones Skull, giving you the creeps while it steeps. And finally, there is Strong Brew Sword, to spear your hot water like Uther Pendragon the stone, so feel free to hum the Game of Thrones theme while drinking your tea.

Strong brew sword

All of these are made with food-safe silicone, so they won’t affect the taste of tea. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. The price ranges from 10$ to 15$.

Get it from Amazon here.

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