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Those Olsen twins have become a power to reckon with. Ever since they made their acting debut in “Full House”, the world has been paying attention. From child actors to mini-media moguls and now fashion players, Mary-Kate and Ashley have come a long way. As of recently, their fashion brand Elizabeth and James includes fragrances called Nirvana White and Nirvana Black which reflect the brand’s duality and the partnership between the sisters.

Nirvana White and Nirvana Black Perfumes by Elizabeth and James

The Nirvana Black perfume is sensual and provocative with violet, sandalwood and vanilla notes and then there is its “anti-dote” – Nirvana White – a delicate, sophisticated, tender floral musk with notes of peony, muguet and vanilla. Nirvana Black’s smell is warm and carnal while Nirvana White is soft, fresh and light. None of the fragrances are sickly sweet or overpowering but are rather complimentary to two different sides of a woman’s personality – one that is carefree and light and the other that is edgy, mysterious and sultry just like the brand itself – Elizabeth and James. Elizabeth is a sophisticated, feminine side of the brand, while James has more of a downtown edge and masculine aura.

Nirvana White and Nirvana Black Perfumes by Elizabeth and James

As for the packaging, both perfumes come in a simple but utterly elegant 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray bottle, as well as in a mini rollerball edition. The Olsens created Nirvana Black and Nirvana White with the help of the famous perfumer Pierre Negrin who has also collaborated with Tom Ford on two of his fragrances (Black Orchid Voile de Fleur and Japoin Noir), Ralph Lauren and his fragrances Polo Black and Blue and Calvin Klein (Encounter).

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