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Even though you can probably name a hundred reasons to exercise, it’s very likely you would be able to find as many excuses not to. That’s especially true for those who try to exercise at home. Too many distractions, I know. Also, people sometimes have the will, but they lack the way, i.e. they don’t know how to practice. By that I mean: which exercises, in what order, how many repetitions, how many days per week and so on. To learn all of this it used to take a lot of researching and asking around in the good (bad) old days before the internet and smartphone applications. Nike+ Training Club app makes finding answers to the questions above easier.

Nike +TC workout

Women have different goals which make their exercise worthwhile. They could be to get more toned body, leaner one, or perhaps getting stronger. Nike+ Training Club gives you the option to choose among these and personalize your workout options. If you decide to go with a fully guided step-by-step program, you can choose between 15, 30 and 45-minute workouts. The app offers more than a 100 full-body workouts, so there is bound to be one for everybody. These workouts are inspired by top Nike athletes and designed by NTC Master Trainers. Those programs also try to engage the inner competitor in you by giving you trophies for finishing some workouts. Sharing it with your friends could give you their encouragement, which definitely boosts morale when you do the last repetition of your most deplored exercise.

Nike+ Training Club

So, whatever happened to all those excuses? I guess they we are down to the last 3 of them: time, smartphone, room. Have them, will exercise.

Nike Training Club App

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