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Hairstory worked very hard to develop a new kind of product for washing hair that’s both innovative and efficient.

They want us to know that most shampoos we use for our hair are 80% water and a lot of 
detergent. What shampoos do, besides clean our hair, is irritate the skin, strip natural oils and damage hair. Hairstory strongly believes we don’t need a hair conditioner or mask, as they serve just to help with the damage caused by shampoo. So, if we don’t use the classic shampoo, we don’t need conditioner either.

New Wash And A Girl With Pink Hair

New Wash is made to fit any hair type.

So, what do we use? Hairstory offers us New Wash, a way to wash our hair, stop the damage and balance any type of hair. New Wash is rich and creamy and contains ingredients that will make your hair smell and feel wonderful. There’s the aloe vera essential oil, lavender to soothe and calm, nettle and chamomile to give your hair shine, and calendula to aid the scalp and repair dry hair. 

Washing Hair

Massage it well into your hair and scalp, rinse, and you’ll be left with beautiful and healthy hair.

You can wash your hair as often as you wish, it’ll be soft and revived. Throw some New Wash into your hair and scalp, comb the hair while it’s wet and remember to rinse well. The best part, you won’t need a conditioner and your hair will be as ready to go as when you used the old stuff that you just threw out. 

Hairstory’s motto is Less Is More, so New Wash is packed in a simple, modern yet very elegant white bottle. You can check out other Hairstory products here.

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