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Us girls, we are always lacking shoes, clothes and perfumes. You know it – just when you need a specific scent to go with the outfit, the hairstyle or the season – you don’t have it and you have to go with some other, so your day starts off with frustration. It would be great if you could somehow have your favorite perfumes all together, so you can pick out of them every day, surprising both yourself and your friends/family/boyfriend. Well, thanks to Atelier Cologne, now it is possible: meet Necessaire Nomade Collection. This collection is comprised of eight different 0.14 oz perfumes to match literally every occasion. Citrus, vanilla, mandarin, orange, even some woody smells are available in this set.

Ateliers Cologne Necessaire Nomade Collection

All-in-one perfume set for all your moods: Ateliers Cologne Necessaire Nomade Collection.

So, here they are. Vanille Insensée is, like the name says it, concentrated mostly on vanilla, with a hint of jasmine and coriander. Cédrat Enivrant is great if you feel like wearing scents of gin and lemon. Orange Sanguine is an energizing perfume containing mixed fragrances of orange juice and orange peel.  Pomélo Paradis is new and special – pomelo from Florida with blackcurrant bud and Haitian vetiver. The citrus smell of Mandarine Glaciale will keep you fresh, while for your romantic moods there is the floral fragrance of Sud Magnolia. There is also a woody scent of Figuier Ardent and finally, Cèdre Atlas, a mixture of lemon and white amber. You have to agree they didn’t forget about anything.

Necessaire Nomade Collection fragnances

Mandarine Glaciale, Vanille Insensée, Cedrat Enivrant, Orange Sanguine, Pomelo Paradis,  Sud Magnolia, Figuir Ardent and Cedre Atlas – all the perfumes you may ever need.

Winter, spring, summer or fall, day or night, there is a scent to match it in the Necessaire Nomade Collection. A perfect package to bring on all your travels or to pick one and put it in your purse when you’re going out – this set will never leave your side.

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