‘Girl Gang’ Muscle Tank | By Social Decay

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If you need a cool summer tee, the Nasty Gal ‘Girl Gang’ Muscle Tank by Social Decay may be exactly what you’re looking for. Tee-shirts are probably the most popular piece of clothing as they’re versatile, customizable and comfortable to wear, especially during summer. This sleeveless tee shirt is made from cotton so it’s classic, comfortable and soft. The cutoff muscle tank silhouette and the white graphic on red material give this shirt a unique look.

A blonde girl wearing Nasty Gal Girl Gang' Muscle Tank standing, side view, and sitting on a wooden surface, with a grey wall in the background.

This red cotton sleeveless tee shirt features a white graphic, white contrast stitching and inverted hem

The red cotton ‘Girl Gang’ muscle tank comes with a white graphic on the front side. The caption says “Support Your Local Girl Gang”. The white contrast stitching and inverted hem make cool finishing details that show just what a badass you are. This shirt is perfect for casual gatherings at a friend’s house or hanging around the block. It looks perfect with a pair of jean shorts, and it’s just long enough for you to be creative with it.

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