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Travelling is great. It expands your horizons and makes you realize that your problems don’t amount to a hill of beans in the world, and quite probably, you aren’t the only one who has them. But travelling can mean many things. It can be a trip to the Bahamas, where you will spend entire days lounging and drinking cocktails. Or it can be a great outdoor adventure. Hiking, camping, biking, fishing and so on. Moon Travel Guides have both in mind when they publish their stuff. Books and maps about travelling galore.

Moon Travel Guides

For those who like the great outdoors, they have a camping, hiking, fishing or biking guide for pretty much every state in the USA. Whether you want a easy, one day hike or a weekend getaway, they have it covered. Moon camping guides can take you to places from deserts to mountains to forests, for adventures or relaxation, choose your pick. Biking guides I find especially useful, since spaces for bike riding are becoming somewhat scarce. Fishing guides are a great time saver as they choose the best spots for this activity.

Moon Travel Guides

Moon also focuses on regular travel guides. Moon Handbooks for instance, which specialize in certain areas. Moon Living Abroad specializes in living conditions in places outside of USA. And for those who like to drive, there is Road Trip USA. They also have international guidebooks, like Moon Croatia and Slovenia. So “everywhere you go, always take the weather with you”, but one of Moon guides is a good choice too.

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