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Have computers caused us to lose the ability to use a pen and paper? Not only that, have we lost the ability to write beautifully? Not according to Molly Suber Thorpe, the author of the book ‘Modern Calligraphy: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started in Script Calligraphy’. With this book, Molly, who is an award winning graphic designer and calligrapher, is trying to incite you to start creating something uniquely beautiful.

Cover of the Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe

Calligraphy, or the art of writing, has been appreciated and prized throughout centuries. In modern day world, mastering the art of calligraphy will come in handy in situations like weddings, birthdays, parties, blogging or adding a personal touch to ‘thank you’ cards. ‘Modern Calligraphy’ is a comprehensive and detailed book that covers virtually anything and everything you need to start learning how to write beautifully.

The book provides instructions that range from buying supplies and holding the pen to learning how to create your own typographic art. It has over 260 color photographs and illustrations and 20 interesting DIY projects to be used in creating stationary, wedding invitations or gift cards. Suber Thorpe also guides the reader through how to create their own unique style and even includes instructions for left-handed people.

Modern Calligraphy

There are also 14 pages of lettering specimens, descriptions of intermediate techniques (the books doesn’t cater only to beginners) which will teach you how to write with paint or digitize your calligraphy, and practice exercises. The book is divided into three sections – weddings, entertainment, and personal stationery – and is chock full of ideas and advice.

As for the benefits of picking up a pen and getting down to creating some beautiful lettering, there are quite a few to mention but we are going to just say improving brain function and memory, and advancing fine motor skills.

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Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe Fonts

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