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We choose to believe that more and more people are choosing paper over digital… For writing, that is. If you’re one of them, you’ll probably like what we’re featuring today – it’s a notebook series named after the Greek goddess of memory. The Mnemosyne Notebooks are simple, elegant, of very high quality, and come in variety of formats and sizes.

Designed by the Maruman Corporation from Japan, they reflect everything you’d expect from Japanese craftsmanship – commitment to quality, minimalism at its best, and excellent execution. These are not your run-of-the-mill notebooks where the ink bleeds through so you can’t use both sides of the page. The paper used for the Mnemosyne Notebooks is heavier than average, of really good quality and is suitable to use even with the most particular fountain pens.

Mnemosyne notebook paper

The paper that is thicker than average is the most important thing when it comes to Mnemosyne notebooks.

The notebooks from the Mnemosyne series can be used in variety of situations and occasions. There’s the Mnemosyne Project Note Pad that can be used for schoolwork or by working professionals, the Special Memo Notepad (with 70 perforated pages and 7mm rule), the To-Do Note Pad (with 50 sheets of paper and special rule perforations) and the Imagination Pad (a great notepad with 80gram sheets, suitable for diagrams and modeling on paper). The Mnemosyne Notebooks are a wonderfully stylish vehicle to express your creativity, organize your work and improve your productivity.

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Drawings in Mnemosyne Notebook by Maruman

Pick your favorite and get ready to express your creativity.

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