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It wouldn’t be far from the truth to call MIITO a version of a kettle. But it’s some kettle all right. Sustainable, yet efficient it heats the liquid directly in the vessel to be used, unlike the regular kettle. Say it’s a cup of water you want heated. You fill the cup and place it onto the induction base. Next, immerse the rod in the liquid. The base heats the rod, and the rod heats the liquid. It will work with any non-ferrous vessel, no matter the size. It can be a tea mug, a bowl or (why not) a kettle. It will also heat different kind of liquids. From coffee to a bowl of soup, take your pick. When you heat only the precise amount of liquid you need, you save both energy and time. The shape of the rod minimizes limescale and is therefore easy to clean. Plus, MIITO is much quieter than kettles, which is certainly a bonus.


But what about controls? Well, there is not much about them, really. See, MIITO has only one button. It has a touch sensor to make sure that it works only when the heating rod is in place. When you enter standby mode, you have to put the vessel onto the base and the rod inside, and only then does the full induction power turns on. Once the liquid has boiled, the device will signal and go back to Standby mode. So you won’t have to worry about leaving the house with the device turned on. When you want to turn it off completely, place the rod back on the base. Ta-dah!

Miito an award winning electric kettle

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