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Microfiber is one of those fabrics that have a wide variety of use – from cleaning dishes and bathrooms to mirrors and windows. Although this is a synthetic fabric, nevertheless it is soft, tough, absorbent, and electrostatic at the same time. Microfiber cloths make the use of soap for cleaning obsolete, in addition to doing a much better job than ‘ordinary’ cloths. So, considering microfiber’s super-absorbent properties it makes a lot of sense to make towels out of it; particularly the towels that you use for a quick dry off after, let’s say, a vigorous and sweaty yoga session. If you would like to try using one, here is our suggestion – Sunland’s Microfiber Towels.

Microfiber Towels by Sunland

Because these Microfiber Towels are also lightweight and compact, they are ideal for traveling, backpacking, boating, swimming or any kind of sport. They dry pretty quickly so you can use them several times a day. They also soak up water pretty well and significantly reduce drying time. Not only that, they are soft and gentle to the skin, without leaving that sticky feeling that general purpose microfiber cloths usually do. Sunland’s Microfiber Towels come with a carry bag and are available in a variety of colors – Purple, Dark Blue, Dark Kelp Green, Dark Slate Blue, Grey, Silver Grey, Light Blue, and Sand – and in several sizes.

Microfiber Towels by Sunland

Although these are not your typical fluffy cotton towels, they are extremely practical and efficient. They will dry you off in matter of minutes and take up very little space in your bag. It is very important that you wash both the towel and the carry bag before use because, if not washed beforehand, microfiber tends to shed fuzz in touch with water.

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