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If you need a new pair of training shoes, you know what you need to look for. Stability and flexible comfort are the main features to look for when you’re purchasing training shoes, and the Nike Metcon 2 Women’s Training Shoe is famous for it. These shoes are designed to endure the demanding high-intensity training as they feature a low and stable heel, flexible forefoot and dense rubber for great support.

The Metcon 2 offers incredible stability thanks to the unbelievably low heel so you’ll be able to do perfect squats, box jumps, lift, run, climb ropes and much more. Whatever sport you’re taking on, stability is the key component because you can’t do any move properly if you’re all around the place. Another thing to think about when you’re buying training shoes is durability. This is very important because investing in a pair of shoes that will fall apart in the mid-season can be very frustrating.

Nike Metcon 2 Women's Training Shoe , bright mango and black, side view, on a white background.

The Nike Metcon 2 Women’s Training Shoes are versatile shoes made with for comfort and support during high-intensity training

The Metcon 2 Women’s Training Shoes are quite durable thanks to a thin layer of tough rubber covering the midsole. This feature is also important for rope climbing as it offers a good abrasion-resistance. These shoes are very versatile as they provide cushioned comfort for running and firm support for heavy lifting. This is all thanks to the midsole that’s softer and more flexible in the forefoot and firmer in the heel.

Nike Metcon 2 Women's Training Shoe, bright mango and black, bottom view (sole) on a white background.

These training shoes feature sticky rubber in the forefoot to provide maximum traction

All the details on Metcon 2 Women’s Training Shoes are there to provide specialized support and more comfort a wide range of activities. The Flywire cables wrap your arch and provide lightweight support and an adaptable fit. In these shoes, your feet will be able to move naturally thanks to the flex grooves and to breathe freely thanks to the tiny perforations. As for the traction, these don’t come short with their sticky rubber in the forefoot. If you’re into cross fit training, these training shoes are a great choice because of their versatility. They’re available in four color combinations, but you can also design your own shoe.

Nike Metcon 2 Women's Training Shoes, volt/grey and grey/black on a white background, upper view.

The Nike Metcon 2 Women’s Training Shoe are not only versatile but they’re also durable thanks to a tough rubber layer that’s covering the midsole

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