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MeshCloud is a business that makes and distributes artistic 3D-printed objects. Those objects are decorative items for your house, like pots, vases, sculptures, coasters and so on. But the creators of these items are VERY imaginative. The shapes they use, the symbolism, the aesthetic approach…they really love what they are doing. And if you think about the possibilities of 3D printing, imagination is really the only boundary. We’ll show you some of the items that have intrigued us. They are all made out of PLA plastic (eco-friendly).

First one is the SKYLINE air plant garden. This is a plastic planter, designed around a very interesting concept. Namely, a mathematical pattern that can, when made into a physical object, diffuses sound. It’s very light, unlike a pot, so it can be moved around more easily. And since air plants need frequent misting and sun exposure, you will have to move them around. That aside, it looks very exotic.

SKYLINE air plant garden

Sound diffusion pattern as an inspiration.

The second is Dodecahedron planter. Pretty self-explanatory name, and once again, beauty is in the math. Geometry with a Gold effect lacquer finish. Your plants would feel quite snobby in one of these.

Dodecahedron planter

Gold Lacquered geometric planter.

The third is Icosahedron pot. This is more Star Trek than Euclid, but the futuristic design only adds to the beauty. It has triangular bars on the top that can be a support structure for the stems and leaves of your plants.

Icosahedron planter

Icosahedron shape allows for structural support of the plant.

The fourth is a Vase, so no more talk about plants. But some more talk about math. This vase is spectacular not just because of its looks but because of the way it came to be. The designer was studying the famous Koch snowflake fractal. The fractal was traced into a vector and spun in a vertical spiral. That spiral vase form was enhanced with a non-linear lattice deformer (Soft angles in the middle, dramatic ones at the end). The final result is a vase that looks alive.

Who would have thought that math can be beautiful, huh?

Vase inspired by Koch snowflake

Koch snowflake as an inspiration.

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