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So, two half-French half-German twin sisters decide to get in the business of making sea bags. Most of the artists look inside when they create. Our sisters looked outside for inspiration; in their residence (Berlin) and their various travels. The result is Marin et Marine. It’s rather simple in design and of high quality. The sisters say that they “want to go back to the time when you only had a few items to carry and which were made with love and dedication“. Since most of the stuff you used to carry with you (camera, map, stereo device) is replaced with a smartphone today, I’d say they are on the right track with their design.

Marin Et Marine Handcrafted Sea Bags
The bags are made from 100% cotton, which is produced exclusively in Germany. No, it does not have anything to do with nationalism, but with the desire to oversee the entire production process. They use small, local manufactures to combine their modern design with the traditional production. This shortens the production chain and reduces environmental pollution. The leather for leather bags (they have those as well, with basically the same design) are produced by eco-friendly tanneries in Europe. There is an adjustable cotton rope as well.

Marin Et Marine Handcrafted Bag
The bags come in wide variety of pastel colors. The design is quite minimalistic. It’s often two colors bordering on the middle of the bag, with the aforementioned cotton rope and an emblem of Marin et Marine. It’s appropriate for daily use in urban environment and in travels. Classic and timeless, eco-friendly and pastel colored, it reminds you of summer and of relaxation.

Marin Et Marine Handcrafted Sea Bags

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