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If you are thinking that your MacBook is working well but, doesn’t make the room any prettier, you’re in luck. Now you can get a Marble MacBook Decal. In case you were wondering, a decal is “picture, design, or label that will stick to the surface on which it is placed after the paper backing is removed. It’s akin to a large, high-quality sticker that has strong adhesive on one side, and a design on the other.”

MacBook with marble decal on the desk

Marble MacBook Decal was handmade by Marble Decals, and they use the finest imported vinyl, top-quality adhesive, and very realistic marble pattern. That pattern is modeled after White-Gray Carrara Marble, which was used extensively in ancient Rome, and was favored by Michelangelo. And these decals will stay permanently on your MacBook, that is, they won’t peel off after a while. Unless you want to remove them, which is quite easy and won’t damage your MacBook. Bear in mind, the Apple logo isn’t carved into the decal. Instead the light shines through the material. You can adjust the brightness of the logo with F1 and F2 keys.

Dog and MacBook with marble decal

Each order comes with detailed instructions. Just remember, if you choose to remove the decal, you can’t apply it again. It ships worldwide from Minnesota, USA.

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