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Wired Beauty launched a Kickstarter campaign for MAPO, a multi-function, connected and fully personalized face mask. If connecting your face mask with a smartphone sounds impossible, you should definitely check it out.

Mapo has several cool features, besides being a face mask. There are sensors in the mask, and you can check-up on your skin in less than a minute. It provides you with most accurate data regarding your skin. There are three main zones that are located on the mask that measure the levels of your skin’s moisture.

MAPO face mask

Mapo face mask measure the levels of skin moisture and treats the skin using heat.

The mask is flexible and has electronics integrated into soft medical grade silicon. That material is specially incorporated into the mask because it provides a soft and secure contact with the skin. After all the data is collected, it’s transferred to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can manage everything using an App.

Mapo Smartphone App

All the info is gathered on this App.

The App allows you to see the whole picture of your face with accurate levels of moisture. Of course, MAPO doesn’t just collect the data. Just like a regular face mask, it treats the skin. So, how does it do that? You can activate the booster function just by pressing one button on the App, and the mask will deliver a gentle warmth to provide the necessary skin care.

Mapo Heating Zones

There are three main heating zones placed inside the mask.

The heating zones are placed on the cheeks and forehead and can heat up to 104°F. The heat opens the skin pores and accelerates the blood flow. You can apply your favorite cream and MAPO will boost its efficiency. 

MAPO comes in three colors – white, beige and pink, so choose the one that will suit you best.

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