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We know that sometimes life just seems dreary and bland with the same monotonous motions repeated over and over again. Yet, we all have this beautiful creative side to us that rarely flourishes because we don’t have the necessary tools at our disposal to allow us to fully utilize our imagination. Creativity not only enriches our own lives but also the lives of others that are touched by our creations. With this in mind, the founder of the Fall for DIY website Francesca Stone created the ‘We Make Collective DIY Material Kits and Online Community‘.

We Make Collective DIY Kits and Online Community

Francesca has also launched a Kickstarter campaign which is all about her vision to allow people to let their creativity bloom. The ‘We Make DIY Kits‘ are designed to be a monthly subscription that contains various selected materials that don’t just allow you to make one item but you can experiment and embrace your uniqueness and individuality by making something that is just your own.

We Make Collective DIY Kits and Online Community

Each month contains different items that are moving with the latest trends but not relying upon them. Your subscription also opens up an entirely new vista where you can learn and share with a collective creative blogging community. The first month is the ‘Travel Loom Set‘ and contains a laser cut loom, a drawstring pouch that’s big enough for the loom, yarn and accessories – easy to set up and mobile enough to use anywhere.

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