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Lumu Labs are working on making your iPhone become perfect for photography. They started with Lumu, an iPhone attachment that’s a perfect light meter for your iPhone. Now, they’ve gone even further, and with Lumu Power got us a light meter, flash, exposure and color temperature meter.

It’s quite fascinating that in this tiny device you get all of that. It was designed following feedback they got from Lumu, and it took two years to make it happen. Lumu Power is simple looking, elegant and very functional. And most importantly, really simple to use.

Lumu Power for iPhone

Lumu Power is a tiny device that will help you make great photographs.

So, how do you use it? Each side is different and serves a different purpose. The dome-shaped side measures ambient light and a flash light and the flat side serves as a color sensor that measures color temperature, white balance, and illuminance. All you have to do is plug in the side you want. 

Holding an iPhone with Lumu Power

Each side has a different purpose, flat one for color sensors and dome-shaped one for light.

There’s a Lumu App available that knows exactly what side you’re using, and according to that, opens the correct mode. It’s really accurate and will calculate everything in a second. There’s one more great mode you can use. It’s called Filters Mode and it tells you the correct filter you’ll need to make the lights match.

Lumu Power Settings

Lumu App will calculate measurements in just a second and you can use Filter Mode to make the lights match.

Smartphones already gave us a lot of options when it comes to photography, but Lumu Power really has it all. Every photography enthusiast will be happy to know there’s no longer a need to carry a bunch of heavy equipment, and with this tiny device you can get some great looking photographs. [via]


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