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We see people taking quick photographs everywhere lately. Camera phones have introduced a new era of mobile experience, but the classic cameras still have a lot to offer if you want better quality photos. The Lomography Lomo’ Instant Camera and Lens Set is ideal for people who are always on the go, and for travelers. Besides being very practical, the elegant design’s also something to talk about.

The Lomo’Instant is a perfectly sized, slim camera you can carry around wherever you go. The set also includs three lenses to choose from to take the perfect instant photo every time. This camera works with Fujifilm Instax Mini Film, and to put it in working order you need 4 AAA batteries. This camera’s certainly one of those that helps analog photography persist in this digital era. It instantly creates snapshots that are equal to the size of a credit card.

White Lomography Lomo' Instant Camera standing on the side, with three lenses, on a white background.

Lomo’Instant Camera comes with an additional set of lenses for portraits, landscapes, and closeups.

To provide you with the ultimate instant photography experience, the Lomo’ Instant Camera comes with three changeable lenses and four color filters, which makes this camera very versatile. The camera features a 27mm built-in wide-angle lens to allow you to capture more than eyes can see and to take great close-ups. This lens is compatible with multiple attachments. The additional lenses include Fisheye, Portrait and Closeup.

The additional Fisheye, Portrait, and Closeup lens for Lomo' Instant Camera. On a white background

The additional lenses include Fisheye, Portrait, and Closeup lens.

Fisheye lens attachment allows you to take amazing 170° circular snapshots. The portrait lens attachment is a versatile 35mm equivalent attachment for taking instant photos both inside and outside, which makes it ideal for portraits, landscapes, and street photography. The close-up lens attachment with 42mm x 64mm exposure area allows you to make striking close-up shots with your Lomography’ Lomo, thanks to the 10-15cm closest focusing distance.

White Lomography Lomo' Instant Camera with three additional lenses in original packaging.

This camera’s Scandinavian-inspired design makes it look very elegant and neat.

Additional features of this instant camera include 3 shooting modes; auto flash shooting mode, and two manual modes: flash-on manual mode and flash-off manual mode. This way you can set the perfect lighting and the amount of flash yourself, or let the Lomo’ Instant Camera work this out for you. This amazing camera will let you shoot multiple exposure instants and combine a number of shots in one frame. In addition, you can insert blue, red, purple, or yellow filters over your flash to experiment with warm and cool tones. We could talk more about this amazing, elegant, practical analog instant camera, but we won’t. It’s best that you go and try it out yourself!

Lomo' Instant Cameras in black, brown, and white color, standing on the side, with snapshots in front, on a white background.

The Lomo Instant Camera allows you to make the perfect credit card sized snapshots that you can instantly share with anyone.

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