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You can always find a study out there that proves or disapproves this or that. Whatever your claim is, you can find a study to back it up. Well, one of those studies says that “that cat lovers are more intelligent and more sensitive than dog owners”. We won’t agree or disagree with this one, but we will say that, if you look at the product we are featuring today, cat lovers certainly have a good sense of humor. And the product in question is the Live Fast and Die 9 Times T-Shirt.

Live Fast and Die 9 Times T-Shirt

This T-shirt will appeal to many, including but not limited to cat lovers, people who live life to the fullest, people who live in the fast lane, people who aspire to do both at the same time…. The designer of this T-shirt is Sean Solomon, a man of many talents – writer and art director of an animated series called the Lucas Bros Moving Co. which airs on FOX, artist, cartoonist, and singer / guitarist of Los Angeles bands Moses Campbell and Heller Keller.

Not only does the Live Fast and Die 9 Times T-Shirt send a great, hedonistic message, but it is also nicely made. It is super soft, comfortable, printed well, and made from top quality cotton. As one buyer puts it: “It’s like a team of crafty spiders made it”. The T-shirt comes in four sizes – Small, Medium, Large and XL. Check it out.

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