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While searching for cute, durable, stylish, practical backpacks (because every girl needs one), we came across a Canadian company called Herschel Supply Co. and were pleasantly surprised by a variety of distinctive colors and designs particularly in their Little America collection. From mandarin orange, flamingo pink, and seafoam blue to Army green, classic black and denim navy…. There are so many to choose from!
The Little America Backpacks
The Little America collection of backpacks will really suit all tastes and purposes. All of the backpacks in the collection are quite sizeable measuring 20 inches in height (5 inches taller than the mid-volume range), 11 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep. The total volume stands at 23 liters which is quite impressive for a backpack of this size.

The backpacks have two pockets – the outer one with leather straps and strong magnetic closures with a zipper and a concealed key chain, and the internal, larger one which has a fully-padded, fleece lined laptop compartment suitable for most 15-inch-laptops. Additionally, all of the Little America backpacks have a couple of accessory pockets on the inside suitable for smaller cell phones and MP3 players. The backpack also has a small opening on the side through which you can run your headphones.
The Little America Backpacks by Herschel
Herschel’s Little America backpacks are very comfortable – they come with a padded back and 3-feet-long contoured, softly padded shoulder straps. You can use them in just about any occasion – school, for gym clothes, hiking, camping, travelling…. They are made from 100% polyester which is very easy to clean while the color combinations are beautiful and will go well with whatever you might be wearing.

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The Little America Backpacks by Herschel

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