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There are many people who have potted plants. Most of them have south facing windows which for sun exposure. All of them have to water the plants, plus refill with soil and fertilizers every two weeks. That’s why there are so-called plant growing devices. One among them is Lilo. It makes growing herbs at home much easier, whichever season its may be. Up to three plants can be grown simultaneously.

Lilo: the easy way to grow fresh herbs at home

The way it works is simple. You buy a capsule with the nutrients and substrate, which you put in a wood base (after you plug Lilo in, of course). That base you put in one of the 3 large water pots. The floating design allows the roots to develop freely in the water, by drawing the oxygen from it. The LED light system above the pots has optimized light spectrum for herbs, with day-and-night cycle. You can adjust the height of the lamp as the plants grow, and it’s energy efficient. You just need to refill water, every two weeks. If you want to change capsules and grow new herbs, you can take out the old capsule with its grown plant and replant it in your backyard. Don’t worry, the capsules are biodegradable.

How Lilo works

As mentioned, Lilo works with capsules and when you buy Lilo, it comes with 3 capsules of your choice. You also get the iOS/Android app which serves as a guide for use. You can start with growing basil, thyme, mint for example, and then move on to other herbs. Apart from the intrinsic satisfaction of growing herbs, you can enrich your daily meals with them.

If you want even more performance, there’s Smart Lilo. It has everything regular Lilo has, plus sensor that monitors the growth of plants, more adaptive light, a reminder on your app to water plants, and pruning advice and reminder on the app.

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