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The long-kept secret has been revealed, we finally know what Edgar Allan Poe smelled like! And it seems he smelled like a combo of cardamom, absinthe and sandalwood fragrance notes. Well, we don’t know really, but we can pretend he did. Paddywax candles has recently unveiled their library collection of soy wax candles. It’s called “library” because they pair exquisite fragrances with a quote from great names of literature. The fragrances are designed to evoke the spirit of the author for which it is named, and candles are packaged in a gift box adorned with the author’s photo, biography and copper foil stamped labels. That’s some way to pay homage.

Edgar Allan Poe candle

So along with Poe, you can smell Jane Austin (gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine), Charles Dickens (tangerine, juniper, and clove), Leo Tolstoy (black plum, persimmon, and oakmoss), Oscar Wilde (cedarwood, thyme, and basil), Mark Twain (tobacco flower and vanilla), John Steinbeck (smoked birch and amber), and Ralph Waldo Emerson (cedar & wild fern). None of the fragrance is synthetic, and soy wax is hand poured in a 6.5 oz. charcoal glass vessel.

Paddywax candles library collection

Paddywax library collection candles are made in the USA and can be shipped only within USA. Their dimensions are 4x4x4 and their weight is 9 ounces, and their burn time is 60 hours. So the next time you are reading Poe, add something to the already tense atmosphere: candle with “his” fragrance.

Get them from Amazon here.

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