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BAGGU is one of those brands that makes colorful, versatile, cute and affordable bags, totes and clutches that you can wear at just about any occasion and with just about any color combination. Take, for instance, their leather clutches. They are small enough to fit in your purse, yet big enough to hold your makeup, jewelry, coins, credit cards, phone, keys, sunglasses, lip balms…. They can also be used as a stand alone clutch.

BAGGU Leather Clutch Turquoise

These clutches are made from very supple, naturally milled leather, they are fully lined and they can also double as a wallet. The BAGGU leather clutches come in a variety of colorsBlush, Molasses, Black, Navy, Turquoise, Blue, Olive Suede and Silver. They are 12.25 inches wide, 7.75 inches high and 2.5 inches deep. Black leather clutch features black hardware, while all other colors have silver hardware. These are one of those bags that are perfect for work-to-going-out or day to night transition.

Leather Clutch by BAGGU

BAGGU leather clutches are easy to carry, the quality of the stitching is high and they are really soft unlike most clutches which tend to be quite rigid. The range of colors makes them a great accessory to any outfit. They are ideal for summer and will brighten up the winter too. Although they look quite fragile, these clutches are anything but cheaply made. They are quite resistant and made from top quality leather.

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