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Spanish fashion brand Loewe has always been a synonym for class, elegance and stunning simplicity. Founded in 1846 by the German entrepreneur Enrique Loewe Roessberg as a cooperative of leather artisans, Loewe has grown into a worldwide brand that is not only famous for its clothes but also for its unmatched expertise with leather used for making accessories and home products such as Loewe Leather Bowl.

Fashion house LOEWE leather bowl series

In celebration of a renowned British potter Lucie Rie, who died in 1995, Loewe and its chief designer Jonathan Anderson designed a sculptural creation in a rather surprising medium – leather. Anderson designed a total of 50 very unique bowls that are not only unusual and decorative but also completely functional. According to the designer, the idea behind the project was to “form an ensemble that plays with scale and perception, blurring the boundary between sculpture and design”. Spanish craftsman and leather expert José Luis Bazán was also involved in the collection, ensuring that bowls represent a “modern take on traditional techniques”.

The LOEWE Leather Bowl Series Inspired by Lucie Rie

The technique used in making these leather bowls involved immersing the leather in water, molding it by hand and then leaving it to harden. The result is a bowl which looks like it has been handcrafted by a potter’s wheel yet it is quite delicate and supple to the touch.

Loewe leather bowls come in a wonderful color palette – from bright yellows and black to warm, earthly tones. Each bowl has a stamped letter ‘J’ on it (Jonathan Anderson’s personal touch) and bears the Loewe insignia. The Bowls Project has already been exhibited in the Loewe stores in Milan, Madrid and Miami. They will be available in Paris and Barcelona stores between 1st and 10th and 15th and 24th June respectively.

Leather Bowl by Loewe

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