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Are you a milk- or creamer-in-your-coffee type? If you prefer creamer, here’s a delicious one for you that will also help you lose weight. Quite an oxymoron, right? It is called Leaner Creamer and it actually suppresses appetite while helping you with weight loss. This creamer is made with Coconut Oil with added extracts of Citrus Aurantium (also known as Seville Orange or marmalade orange), Hoodia and Green Tea which contains bioactive substances that promote weight loss even when you are resting.

Leaner Creamer is the healthy alternative to fatty coffee creamers

On top of that, Leaner Creamer has a delicious hint of Vanilla and no dairy whatsoever. You probably know how beneficial Coconut Oil is for your body, but when it comes to weight-fighting properties, this is an ally worth having. Coconut Oil contains short- and medium-chain fatty acids that will help you burn those extra calories plus it increases the body’s metabolism by helping pancreas do its job better. Citrus Aurantium has been known for centuries for its stamina increasing properties and today it is a staple in athletes’ diet. This natural agent is an indispensable ingredient in many weight management products because it increases the basal metabolic rate, just like Coconut Oil, and enhances lipolysis (breakdown of fat cells).

Leaner Creamer All Natural Coffee Creamer

The fourth ingredient of Leaner Creamer – Hoodia is a cactus-like plant that is native to Kalahari Desert but is mostly found in the South African bush. It is famous for effectively suppressing hunger. Leaner Creamer is a healthy alternative to usual creamers that are full of fat and chemicals and it is also a great supplement to add to your weight loss arsenal.

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