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You would have thought that jewelry cannot have any function, only form. Bellabeat’s LEAF is an exception. It’s a small device encased in wood, with a decorative leaf made of stainless steel. It has various uses, and most of them are quite ingenious, considering its size and appearance. It can be worn in different ways; as a bracelet, a necklace or you can clip it to any clothing item for a touch of style.


Now, on to the more important stuff. It has an application to deal with well-known public enemy of health: stress. One way to deal with it are breathing exercises, and LEAF app has multiple of them, all goal oriented.

The next important element of health is a good night’s sleep. When you sleep (or try to) LEAF tracks your sleep patterns, tracking the quality and quantity of it. After collecting data it gives you suggestions about changes, slight or significant, that will help you focus and regain energy.


It also tracks your activity and tells you when you should increase it or slow down. LEAF does so with its smart alarm, which can also be used to remind you of important events, duties, or wake you up.


Tracking your monthly cycles is another thing LEAF helps you with. You can quickly view your ovulation, premenstrual and period days, and understand how they affect your general health.

As you can see, it’s a highly customizable device, with wireless sync, 14 day memory, and its no-charging battery lasts for half a year.

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