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The LayBag is the product of a German startup, whose aim is to provide a lightweight, easy to carry and easy to inflatable lounger, perfect for the beach, your backyard, the cottage or even as a super casual piece of furniture.

laybag inflatable lounger

The LayBag is made from parachute material, and is durable enough to withstand use on rocks or other rough terrain and up to 350kg (that’s 770 pounds!) of weight. It’s also waterproof and contains enough air to be used as a pool floatie. The coolest thing about the LayBag is how quickly and easily it’s inflated. You simply hold it from the opened end and hold it up to catch the wind. Check out the video below to see just how simple it is…

The LayBag is highly portable and compact, weighing just 2.6 lbs and folding up into a 7 x 14″ carry bag. Fully inflated, the LayBag is approximately 83 x 39″ and will last 4-6 hours until it needs to be re-inflated. They come in a whole variety of colors and even patterns, and the newest accessory is the LayBag Light Kit, which illuminates your LayBag from the inside out for evening use!

laybag inflatable lounger

Grab your LayBag and be ready for summer relaxation!

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