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Lavu Lamp draws it’s inspiration from quite an unusual source. It’s shape is based around the Lavvu tent, traditionally used by the Sami people, from northern Scandinavia. It resembled Native American Tipi and it was used to provide shelter from arctic weather conditions. It was made from reindeer hide and wooden poles would provide its structural base. Being this simple, it was very useful for the nomadic lifestyle Samis used to live. The shade of the lamp is made to resemble a tent, and there is a Plumen 001 bulb on top, which mimics the smoke rising from a Lavvu tent. Inside the shade there is a low-energy LED bulb which is low-heat and produces warm downlight. They are both included if you buy the lamp.

Original Lavvu tent with inhabitants

Original Lavvu tent which served as an inspiration for the lamp.

The object of the Lavu lamp is to a provide cosy atmosphere in your home. That’s almost a necessity if you live in the cold regions of Scandinavia and spend a lot of time inside the house. The Danish even have a word for this feeling of coziness, “hygge”. Both of the bulbs can be used at the same time or separately, to provide this effect. Assembling and dismantling the lamp is quite easy (no tools required), a quality shared by the original tent. Also all materials are 100% recyclable.

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