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We are counting days until the wackiest, scariest and most fun holiday of the year. Halloween is approaching fast and we bet that you can’t wait. Some of you have already bought the Halloween costume, some are still indecisive, picking and choosing, and some are in the process of making one. If you are going as a witch, a cat or a bunny or a bat (Who says you can’t be Batwoman?) this Halloween, this is for you. Also, if you feel that your Halloween costume is missing something to hit the mark; that elusive je-ne-sais-quoi that will make the people go “wow”, Topshop is coming to rescue with their collection of Halloween head accessories.

These are very simple yet accessories that will take your Halloween costume up a notch that don’t cost a pretty penny.

  1. Velvet Cat Ears

    Woman with Velvet Cat Ears
    If you have decided to go as a sexy Catwoman or a cuddly cat, this one is for you. Because these velvet cat ears are very pretty, cute and dainty, they will soften the fierceness of the Catwoman costume and add that feminine touch to lure in that cute guy at the office. They come attached to a headband with a lace detail to the ears. Goes without saying, but they only come in one color – black.

  2. Velvet Bunny Ears

    Woman with Velvet Bunny Ears
    If your dream is to dress as a cheeky Playboy bunny for Halloween (original, we know), you will definitely need these velvet bow bunny ears. Adorable and comfortable because ear position can be adjusted. They also come only in black. Another, slightly more elaborate version of the velvet bunny ears, is the mesh bunny hair tie which is elasticated and will keep hair off your face.

  3. Lace Bunny Ears with Veil

    Woman with Lace Bunny Ears With Veil
    This one is for all you extravagant ladies out there. It’s also bunny ears but with a very dramatic gothic twist – a lace veil. This Halloween accessory will definitely add a bit of mystery and seduction to your costume. The ears are attached to an adjustable headband and they come in black.

  4. Lace Bat Mask

    Woman with Lace Bat Mask
    You can really dress up your Halloween costume with this lace bat mask that ties with a ribbon. Even if your costume is not at all bat-related, you can wear this mask if you are trying for a mysterious-18th-century-French courtesan look or something similar.

  5. Witch Headband

    Woman with Witch Headband
    All you witches and sorceresses out there, have a look at his Halloween head accessory. This one is a classic, always popular choice. The witch headband includes a netted, polka-dotted veil for that added gothic charm.

If you are stuck for some original Halloween inspiration, Topshop is coming to your rescue with a creative tutorial. It contains step-by-step instructions on how to achieve various scary looks with makeup in the Victoriana Goth, Intergalactic Goth and Full Fright Night style (this one is for all you who want to channel Morticia Addams for Halloween). If you have decided to go as Barbarella this Halloween or a sultry space traveller, check out the Intergalactic Goth tutorial. This look is all about space-age cyber-goth with luminous skin and plenty of glitter. The last look is Victoriana Goth which Topshop describes as “FKA Twigs meets The Woman in Black” (slick baby curls, dramatic, kohl-lined eyes and just-bitten lips).

Happy Halloween!

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