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Porcelain (or china as it’s called some countries) has somewhat an aristocratic panache. It’s mostly found in aesthetically pleasing (hopefully) cupboards  in a form of plates, vases, teapots etc. It serves mainly an aesthetic purpose. But that kind of aesthetic is missing something according to the La Philie set by Evelyn Bracklow. Namely, ants all over it. This artist has taken some regular porcelain-made items (tea cups, plates, sugar bowls and so on) and painted, in a very realistic fashion, ants crawling on it.

Sugar bowl La Philie

Sugar bowl with ants

This is somewhat of a post-modern take on the art of painting. It’s not just what is painted, but also where it’s painted, and what it does to the truth of that object. There are no ants on the cup but the illusion of ants seems quite real until you get close enough, when your horror will be replaced with awe in the face of such fine art. So the next time someone comes over for tea, you ask him would he prefer the porcelain cups? Just the image of a person seeing (and maybe screaming) the ants would be worth the price of these items, aside from their artistic value.

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