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Kodama zomes are reinvention of comfort. Not a hammock, not a lounge chair, but something in between. Zome is a neologism which combines the word dome (as a reference to geodesic domes, architectural design by Buckminster Fuller) and zonohedron polygon. The base for zome design lies in mathematics. To be precise, it lies in natural patterns, proportions and sacred geometry. There have been grounded zomes before, but Kodama zomes are hanging. The design is similar to a cocoon which gives the sense of security. You can use it as a bed or a lounge chair.

Kodama zomes

The materials which make Kodama zomes are metal, polyester webbing and wood. Hardware connectors are marine stainless steel with steel alloy metal support rings. Just in case you thought about the possibility of your zome getting loose and falling. The diagonal straps are polyester webbing, which is similar in strength to nylon webbing of rock climbing equipment with added resistance to higher abrasion, sunlight UV and mold/mildew. Each of Kodama zomes are hand built in Oregon, USA.

Practice yoga with Kodama zomes

One more thing that makes them great is the unrestricted pendulum motion of the zomes. This is actually very beneficial to your health. When you swing in smooth and rhythmic motion, the blood and lymphatic fluids of your body become centered and equalized. This reduces stress and tension, promotes your circulation and calms your nervous system. Why do you think you rock your baby when it cries? It activates your vestibular system (the input your body receives when you experience movement). A couple of scientific studies have confirmed that swinging motion has positive effects on conditions such as stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

So the Kodama zome gives you aesthetic pleasure, calms you down and helps you to be healthy. Not bad.

Kodama Zomes hanging lounge chairs

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